International flights to India


You have the freedom to book a suitable departure date to India. We ourselves do not book international flights to India, but we can assist you to book your flight tickets. 

On the link with Skyscanner, a travel search engine ( you can view the data over a period of a month or even a year to find the best deals. You book directly with the airline or travel agent so that you always get the best prices.

We also work together with leading ticket suppliers and in this way we can help you to get the tickets to your liking. Flying Elephant Tours and Leisure acts only as a facilitator for the air ticket booking. The traveler concludes the air transport contracts directly with the airline. The terms and conditions of the respective airlines will apply.

  • Flying Elephant Tours and Leisure does not make its own obligation or liability for the mediated flight performance. The usual Airlines to India: * Lufthansa, Air India, Emirates, KLM, Air France, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Swiss Air and Austrian Airlines are the most important and conventional airlines operating flights to India. Economy class tickets cost about 550-800 € and Business Class tickets approx. 1,800 – 4,000 € depending on high and low season. Please note these prices are only indicative and may vary according to occupancy, season and airline.
  • For entry requirements, you should ask at the Indian Embassy or obtain current information at the Foreign Office.
  • The European Union strives to increase safety standards in the world. To further enhance security, the European Commission works together in close coordination with the aviation safety authorities of all Member States and has decided certain airlines to ban from operating in European airspace because they may be too uncertain, and / or they are not sufficiently supervised by their agencies. You will find the list of blacklisted airlines here: Blacklist Airlines