Presentation Day


We invite you to enjoy presentations about our tours. During the presentation, we explain about the countries where you want to travel to and the tours through photos, videos, and reports.

When is the best time to travel? How many days do I need? How is the food there? What are the most interesting places? Why with Flying Elephant Tours and Leisure? What is special in it? You will get the answers of all your questions. 

The presentation lasts around 60 minutes. After the presentation, we welcome you with an Indian drink and a snack. Then we take the time to discuss your needs and answer your questions. 


Scheduled Presentations

Period  Place Event
July/August Germany/Austria Travel through Rajasthan
July/August Germany/Austria Travel through Bhutan
July/August Germany/Austria Travel through North India
July/August  Germany/Austria Travel through South India


Please contact us via email (send to: [email protected]), call us at phone no. + 31 6 1556 9209 or + 91 99288 40299 or use our online form to register for one of the mentioned appointments.

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